Supply Chain Business

For the Supply Chain Business, ADSD caters to the Supply and Distribution of Basic Chemicals, Fertilizers Agrochemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Mining Chemicals, Polymers Petrochemicals, Paints and Solvents. ADSD can match the requirement of the Industry needs for any product.

ADSD Group recognizes the importance of an efficient and robust supply chain to ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction. The company has implemented a well- structured and integrated supply chain management system that encompasses various stages from raw/finished material procurement to product delivery.

For the Sourcing of Raw Material for our various global Clients, ADSD Group have strong relationships with reliable and reputed suppliers worldwide to source high-quality raw materials for production requirement of their Clients. The company conducts rigorous evaluations to ensure the raw materials meet stringent quality standards and comply with environmental regulations and also provides third party inspections for quality checks.

For the Supply Chain Business, ADSD caters the needs of Basic Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Fertilizers and Agrochemicals, Mining Chemicals, Polymers and Petrochemicals, Paints and Solvents Industry. Pls see the Products List and Product Brochure.